What is a Mud Run

Many of you out there are asking just what is a mud run? They are probably just about the wildest events you can take part in, not to mention just about the dirtiest fun you can have without taking your clothes off!

How Far Do I Need to Go?

A mud run is usually a course or trail of between 5 to 10 kilometer’s in distance with military style obstacles along the route. Many of these courses have been put together by military specialists and are specifically designed to test your strength, stamina, how you make decisions and teamwork.

What Kind of Obstacles?

First up – you will get muddy. Very muddy. Some of the obstacles are simple – for example forcing you to crawl through concrete pipes half full of muddy water.

Another classic is the net wall, just try getting over one of these on your own.


You can also expect a lot of climbing – and I don’t mean trees. Lots of ropes and rope netting are favorites. If you have never done anything like this before I would suggest trying it as you will have a great time and the camaraderie you encounter is fantastic.


Is this a Race?

Many companies that organize these events will tell you they are not a race and that the order of the day is to finish the course and have a good time. Having said that, many elite athletes around the world have requested the ability to compete against other “Mudders” on these courses.

So what you may find at many mud run events is a separate start for these elite athletes. This means you and your friends can concentrate on having a good time and completing the course without these iron man types pushing past trying to get through to the finishing line first.

How Fit do I Need to Be?

Before getting in on this kind of action you need to be doing some form of physical training. Only a fool would turn up unprepared. These are challenging events and there’s nothing fun about being out of your depth half way round a muddy course, soaked and exhausted.